Modular Management Group, Inc. Debuts Sonic Brand

Modular Management Group, Inc. a leader in modular construction, debuts its sonic brand. This is the sound that epitomizes the unique identity of our company and will convey familiarity wherever our clients engage with MMG across the world.

Our distinct melody captures the essence of who we are and depicts the passion we instill into the work we love, and the customers we serve.

“Music creates an emotional impact” said Jaynee Young, Marketing Director, Modular Management Group, Inc. “Our company is characterized by our innovativeness, efficiency and dependability. Our unique sound will not only reinforce our brand but convey these features in an entirely new perspective.”

As a result of Modular Management Group’s collaboration with PHMG, our new and exclusive audio identity was created. The melody conveys a feeling of confidence, friendliness, and positivity to our listeners.

Our MMG sonic brand paves the way for the company’s digital footprint and future media presence. To listen to our audio press release and brand sound, please visit our YouTube Channel.

About Modular Management Group

Modular Management Group, Inc. is a Minority-Owned Design-Build General Contractor based in Texas. Our passion is to design, construct, and install innovative, efficient and dependable commercial modular buildings. Since 2005, Modular Management Group proudly serves Government, Commercial, Healthcare and Education industries across the U.S. and Overseas.

Additional expertise includes ICD 705 requirements, TEMPEST Mitigation, SAPF Construction Standards, Data Communications, Fire and Safety, Systems Furniture, and Site Development. To learn more, please visit

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