Modular Building Process

Our Modular Construction Process


01. Design & Engineering  

Modular Management Group identifies and cooperatively addresses the unique needs of our customer. Design concept drawings are coordinated with our in-house design team detailing the building’s structure, layout, and foundation. Interior and exterior finish selections are also selected. Once the approved design is received, we are able to proceed with manufacturing engineered drawings.


02. Permits & Approvals

Modular construction adheres to the same permit process as traditional construction. In addition, the modular buildings must meet the appropiate commercial building codes and regulatory requirements.


03. Site Development & Off-Site Manufacturing

While the modules for the building are fabricated at a quality-controlled factory, the site is developed for the installation of modules. Our team can assist with demolition, excavation, grading, foundation construction, site utilities, and any other necessary services.


04. Delivery & Installation

After the fabricated modules are safely secured, shipped, and delivered to site, the modules are installed, on-site finished are completed, and final utility connections are made.


05. Commissioning & Final Occupancy

Prior to occupancy, your building is commissioned and inspected to ensure it operates as it was initially intended. Your modular building project is completed 30-50% faster than traditional construction without compromising quality, safety, and aesthetics.

Permanent VS. Temporary


  • Temporary modular buildings are often used for a shorter duration due to their relocatable nature.
  • Temporary modular buildings work well when a quick construction time is necessary.
  • Temporary modular units can be leased or purchased outright.


  • Permanent modular buildings are installed for long-term use and will not require relocation.
  • Permanent modular buildings are purchased.

Modular Building Applications

Our modular buildings provide affordable solutions for:

Government: SCIF modular building, SAPF modular building, Training, Administrative, Swing Spaces, Vaults, Barracks, Disaster Response.

Aerospace: Secure modular buildings, conference rooms, control centers.

Commercial: Banks, Offices, Retail.

Healthcare: Hospitals, Rural Clinics, Laboratories, Medical Offices.

Education: Classrooms, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Daycare Facilities.

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